What is Private Cloud with Gabriel Secure Gateway?

EverServe is the only private cloud running on The Secure Domain Name Technology (SDNS) which enables enterprises to secure critical applications in the cloud and provides access via The Gabriel Remote Gateway.

Over 45% of employees are now working remotely increasing the risk of data breaches exponentially.  Remote workers are generating personnel time savings upwards of 12+ hours per employee per month, the downside is each remote connection to valuable corporate data is a potential gaping hole in an organizations perimeter defenses.

By improving the security of those interactions through encrypted client server connections employees are now able to access their companies critical line of business applications, intranets, and data bases in the most secure modality available today.

Because traditional network security was not designed to be cloud-friendly the secure gateway does the job of protecting valuable and sensitive enterprise data previously only securely accessed from within the network.

All for a lot less than you would expect.


Secure Cloud / Secure Gateway

Hosting applications within the Secure Domain effectively removes those applications from the public internet.  The secure gateway enables secure remote access to those hosted applications.

Network Segmentation

User permissions means only those employees who need access to a critical applications get it.


Choose on-prem deployment or cloud.

SSAE 18 Audited Data Centers Meet HIPAA / HITECH and PCI DSS Compliance

How customers use it.

Secure Remote Access

Permission employees to only those specific network segments required to complete their job.  Authenticate users by any device type to reduce personnel user risk and ensure secure remote connectivity to trusted applications and files.

Cloud Computing Secured

Encapsulating applications and databases within a secure domain accessible only with the secure gateway means every business can be secured in the cloud.

Remote Access to IOT

Connect securely to IoT machines from outside the office with certainty your connection and data are safe.