Business Continuity Service

True Business Continuity is not just backups, but a congruent plan and service which match the needs of an enterprises business requirements to maintain consistency of operations.

Employee error accounts for more than 90% of successful ransomware attacks.  Invading through phishing and spam emails its no wonder that hackers are becoming increasingly brazen and the ransomed cost to retrieve your data growing every year.

75% of all recoveries fail.  This means that your company’s data is vulnerable to loss and your business is susceptible to downtime.  If your business has ever been faced with even a small outage you know how quickly things can screech to a halt.  EverSafe’s flexibility allows for a robust Disaster Recovery solution to be deployed on site or in the cloud, together or separately. EverSafe’s complete DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) provides fully restored prebuilt Virtual Machines to enable your business continuity at a moments notice.

Contact us to better qualify which of EverSafe’s trusted Disaster Recovery Services best meets your needs.

EverSafe on-site appliance provides storage and fail over capabilities.

Coverage Assessment

As part of our EverSafe Disaster Recovery Services we do offer a consultation for clients who are interested. This coverage assessment is designed to give us an idea of what your current infrastructure is and how it is currently being backed up, and or replicated. We schedule a call with one of our engineers to discuss all the major points of Business Continuity and if your current Disaster Recovery is fulfilling all it can be. Once completed we provide a coverage assessment document with our suggestions on ways to improve your environment, suggested services, and lastly a proposal for a full DR plan if you wish.

Testing and Continuous Maintenance

We believe the absolute key to a solid backup is the ability to test backups and utilize time in the cloud if needed. Any backup plan should have the ability to be testing, either by recovering individual files or failing over the entire environment. We provide this opportunity with all of our clients with once a year testing at their discretion. Along with yearly testing we offer to all clients the ability to maintain and update their personalized Disaster Recovery document over time, this can accommodate for growth (like adding servers), account for depreciation (decommissioning servers), or any other various things that may change on your systems through the years. It is our duty as your Disaster Recovery provider to ensure your backups and DR documentation is always kept up-to-date.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We offer a fully customizable Disaster Recovery plan, a deliverable document that you can utilize during a real time disaster. The best part is you do not even need to sign up for our services. This plan is a deeper dive than the coverage assessment, asking intimate questions about your environment so you can fully realize what steps to take during a disaster. We will ask important questions regarding the current state of your backups and how readily available they are. As an Asgard MSP client this comes free with your service and is the first step we always take in setting up your service, as a potential client a DR plan does have a cost; however, should you sign up after the DR plan is produced that cost comes off your first months bill ultimately costing you nothing!



Clear steps to follow during emergency specific to your enterprise, and 7 days of cloud hosting to get you through any disaster.


Onsite failover directly to the appliance.  Supports physical and virtual machine backup, recovery and failover.


EverSafe keeps bootable VM’s with of all your protected systems in its Private Managed Cloud.


Meets compliance standard HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, PCI-DSS through our SSL with end-to-end encryption of data-in-motion and data-at-rest.


Encryption Key Length AES 128-bit, AES 256 bit or 448-bit blowfish.


Ti-Coastal data centers provides geographic diversification no matter where your business is located.


99.9999999% uptime record.

SSAE 18 Audited Data Centers Meet HIPAA / HITECH and PCI DSS Compliance