Unified Threat Management

EverGuard is what we’ve coined our Unified Threat Management system. It’s a part of every product we offer and it’s central to the Asgard difference. It’s not just cloud security, it’s a level of protection from a whole other realm.

Live Network Monitoring and Reporting

Asgard has added an all new monitoring and reporting interface to it’s EverGuard platform. Get live graphs and charts with the ability to drilldown on details for the most important data including web filtering, email filtering, security functionality and much more. Asgard has also added a live traffic monitoring and analysis system powered by Ntop’s next generation technology. All this functionality gives administrators the ability to identify and fix network issues before they happen.

Application Control

Today’s business network is faced with a host of new security and application management challenges that accompany the growth in social networking and cloud sharing. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Dropbox, and instant messaging all present potential risk of data loss and/or bandwidth saturation. Asgard has added application awareness that can detect any application regardless of port to the filtering engine to make it extremely simple to monitor and control social networking and cloud-based applications.

EverGuard 3.0 Highlights:

• Application Control: the outgoing firewall recognizes and blocks applications (powered by nDPI)
• Anti-Virus: Panda Anti-Virus available for HTTP, SMTP, FTP and POP3 proxies
• HTTP Proxy: Commtouch‘s excellent URL filtering service has been implemented with over 100 million pages recognized and categorized
• HTTPS filtering: Now you can fully inspect and block all web traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) using seamless SSL inspection technology
• SMTP Proxy: new, completely manageable E-mail quarantine
• Reporting and monitoring: brand new reporting dashboard. Detailed and customized reports, live network monitoring powered by ntopng
• GUI: redesigned graphic interface for a better user experience
• Virtual Private Network: the user interface has been totally rewritten as well as the OpenVPN server backend increasing the throughput. Improved and extended mobile support (Android and iOS). Multiple authentication servers added including Active Directory, Novell, eDirectory as well as any other LDAP implementation. Granular VPN access management for single users and groups