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Asgard Managed Services Launches EverSafe

MSP Provider Meets Growing Demand For Economical Disaster Recovery

New York, NY (PR Agency) April 14, 2015 – Asgard Managed Services, a U.S. based distributor of private cloud and managed services announced today that it has launched EverSafe, a high speed onsite backup appliance and disaster recovery service.


“We’re excited about the EverSafe launch because there is an overwhelming gap in the majority of businesses continuity plans,” said Asgard’s head of product development, Trent Henson. “The onsite appliance was created with the sole intention of speedier recovery times while still offering the most sought after backup, onsite failover, and cloud DR solutions at below market prices.  EverSafe customers have been blown away by the combination of services housed within a space saving device measuring, 2.4”x4.3”x4.5”.


PraGr LLC, a reseller of Asgard Managed Services calls the EverSafe appliance, “A very clever and effective solution.”  Fred Pratt, PraGr’s CEO says, “DR all come down to the time it takes a business to achieve full recovery after a disaster.”  He recently implemented the EverSafe backup and restore appliance in several of his customers’ offices and said, “We have found that for small to medium businesses it is a very effective and affordable solution. Not only does it remove tape backup by having a local copy of data and configurations, but it provides full recovery capability in a managed data center. The EverSafe product line can restore to operation a server(s) from the device as well as replicate the images to a data center, and in the event of a catastrophic event the servers can be restored in a computing on demand environment.”


Asgard strengthens businesses IT continuity and performance by providing a suite of managed services at prices previously affordable only to companies with huge IT budgets.


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