Our team of dedicated experts deliver customized end-to-end services giving you peace of mind for all your business continuity concerns.


Because all successful partnerships are based on communication and delivering solutions specific to a problem, that is the approach we take every time.


There is no one size fits all DR solution that is why we conduct a thorough disaster recovery (DR) consultation and deliver a DR plan specific to your business continuity needs before any service is deployed.


The proven result of our process ensures your DR solution aligns with your downtime and cash flow tolerances protecting what matters most, your business.

Disaster Recovery Plan
Planning and communication are keys to successful disaster recovery.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Cost Savings – Everyone is looking to save money.  By rightsizing your DR service to cover exactly what your business needs for its continuity means you remove unproductive services and reduce costs.


  • 24/7 Human Monitoring and Support – Automation is everywhere but we see time and time again that its the human interaction that solves problems the fastest.


  • Customized Service Levels – Every client engagement begins with our complete DR consultation and yields a complete disaster recovery plan.  Only after are service levels designed to meet your plan requirements.


  • A True Partner – A consultative approach, documented plan and service levels specific to your business continuity needs, layered with 24/7 customer support means you have a partner to get you through any emergency.



Secure Private Domain

Protects critical LOB applications by effectively removing them from the public internet and enabling permissioned access by approved users only.

Private Peer-to-Peer Communication

Randomized IP’s and encrypted seamless cross-platform communications between mutually authenticated users is here now via; Phone, text, email, and file sharing.

Private Secure Network Shares

Eliminate malware and worm attacks from infiltrating your files and folders by segmentation within your own private domain.


Other Asgard MSP Services


Disaster Recovery - workloads replicated from virtual or physical environments to our high-availability secure cloud infrastructure.


Private Cloud Hosting in Your Own Secure Domain - A New Paradigm in Cloud


Dedicated Private Secure Domain Technology enables Secure Mail, Chat, File Sharing and Voice Calls with military grade encryption.


Unified Threat Management that's a step beyond. We take cloud security to another level with EverGuard.

Secure Your Business Assets

Asgard Managed Security Solutions implements four encompassing technologies which combined deliver a holistic security solution for compliance heavy industries of all sizes. Disaster Recovery, a Secure Domain Platform, Private Cloud Hosting, and Unified Threat Management services mean protection for your business on the perimeter and inside your operation.

The Asgard Team


Asgard’s support team and engineers have decades of experience in Security Implementation, Virtualization, Private Cloud Design, IaaS, DRaSS, Network Security, and Business Process Maximization.

  • HIPAA certified experts
  • Previously held Top Secret Clearance
  • First National Distributor of Secure Domain Technology
  • First Secure Domain deployment for hosted application
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